Should I take my pet in my motorhome?

Pets in a motorhome

We never want to be parted from our furry friends, but should we be taking them in a motorhome with us? For our team at Motorhome Kings, the answer is, of course, yes! That's why anyone can bring their pet into one of our motorhomes, as long as they pay the necessary security deposit. However, before you travel with your pet, there are a few things you need to consider.

Is the motorhome you’re using suitable for your pet?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether the motorhome you are intending to travel in is suitable for your pet. If you’ve got a smaller dog such as a Yorkshire Terrier, then almost any size motorhome will be sufficient, as long as you remember to have stops to allow the dog to stretch their legs and go to the toilet. On the other hand, if you have a big Rottweiler or an extra energetic Border Collie or Labrador, you might find that a large motorhome is necessary.

Can you make the motorhome feel like a home away from home?

Most pets, just like a person, can feel disconcerted when taken out of their normal territory. While it is exciting for them to head out on an adventure, it’s always worth thinking about how you can help them feel at home in a motorhome. A good method is to bring a few of their toys with them, and to make sure that they have their own space to retreat to. This can help make sure they don’t miss home too much.
As well, you’ll need to think about whether your pet will be happy on a trip of this kind. Especially if your pet is unused to travelling in a vehicle for longer distances, you will need to make sure they are sufficiently well trained for the trip!

Put your pet’s safety first

When bringing your pet in a motorhome, you need to make sure you take their safety seriously. If they’re not well trained enough, or if their information on their collar is out of date, then you could be putting them at risk. Combined with a trip into unfamiliar territory for your pet, this is a nice easy way to avoid harm coming to your pets.
As well, make sure you think about how you intend to have your pet travel. If they’re not a particularly calm animal, it could be a good idea to have a travel cage to help keep them safe. On the other hand, if you think you can trust them to behave, teaching them to lie down in their bed when the van is moving is also a good option.

Is the pet’s insurance appropriate and up to date?

Going to vets offices internationally can be confusing due to the language barriers, but sometimes it is a necessity if they manage to hurt themselves. Make sure you avoid unexpected expenses by ensuring their medical insurance is up to date, and that it can be used abroad if necessary!

If travelling abroad, do you have a pet passport?

If you intend to cross international borders, you’ll need to have a pet passport ready. This is to make sure that the pet doesn’t have to enter quarantine when returning to the UK. You should also make sure that your destination doesn’t have any special rules about pets, and should remember that before returning to the UK your pet must have received a worming treatment by a vet in the country they are coming from.

Is your destination pet friendly?

Not every country and destination is going to be suitable for your pet. If you intend to go on a hiking holiday, then taking your pet Pug along might be unsuitable. We recommend thinking about what you intend to do when you’re there to determine if taking the pet is suitable. You should also check the campsites and places you’re visiting allow you to bring pets or if they have rules about whether the pet must be on a leash.

What regulations apply to your pet at your destination(s)?

Some countries also have rules about what types of animals are allowed to visit or how certain breeds have to be treated to be considered safe. If you’re taking your Doberman to Ireland, for instance, you have to keep it muzzled, so make sure you check the rules in advance, and plan your route accordingly.

Most importantly, have fun!

At Motorhome Kings, we think the most important part of motorhoming is to have fun when you’re doing so, and that is especially true when you’re travelling with pets. Make sure you maximise your enjoyment and theirs by doing fun activities together, and exploring the world while you’re on your adventure. You’re there to make memories, and with your trusty pet in tow, you can be sure that they’ll be good ones!