Motorhome and Towing Vehicle Engine Remapping.

We provide professional engine remaps for your motorhome, car, 4x4 or van.

Why do I need a remap?

Servicing your motorhome or towing vehicle regularly is essential for trouble-free motoring and avoids expensive repair bills.

At MotorhomeKings we have a fully equipped garage where our qualified technicians and mechanics provide a range of vital services for your motorhome and/or towing vehicle, including engine remaps.

Getting your motorhome or towing vehicle remapped, gives you extra torque meaning hills aren't such a struggle, plus extra power meaning you're not causing a long line of cars behind you, and there's also the fuel saving - generally you'll see an increase in MPG of around 10-15% with a remap. 

All of our work is guaranteed and we only use Superchips maps so you can be sure you're getting the best on the market.

Prices are from £349 - so book your motorhome or towing vehicle in with us today by filling in the form below.

"If you’re looking to increase the performance or the economy of your diesel-powered motorhome, remapping is one way of doing so." - Practical Motorhome

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